Simplifying Payroll Across Mexico

Salary Structure Analysis

We offer your employees attractive benefit structures by optimizing the tax burden on their salaries, according to the necessities of each particular case.

Registration with the Labour Authorities

Amongst the many Labour obligations that companies must comply with in Mexico are the registrations with the State Labour Authorities and the Social Security Authorities.

Processing Payroll

We manage your payroll process optimizing the time spent on tax and social security contribution calculations for the employees as well as for the company. We adapt to your particular needs by running payroll on a weekly or biweekly basis or according to particular periods as required by the company.

Interface with your Systems

We adapt to your incidence control systems; through personalized interfaces we share the information needed in order to prepare payroll free of input errors.

Expatriate Taxes in Mexico

For foreign workers in Mexico that require special payroll treatment, we process a mirror payroll allowing them fulfil obligations in their country of origin as well as in Mexico.

Fulfilling Obligations

An important part of the many labour obligations is filing the tax returns before the Mexican Authorities. With our compliance management we make sure your salary, work risk and annual state tax returns, amongst others, are filed on time.

Employee Annual Tax Return Filings

Fulfilling tax obligations in a foreign country should not be a preoccupation that affects your expatriate and managerial employees.

Processing Payroll and Employee Taxes

We offer a variety of alternatives for payroll and payroll related tax payments by adjusting to the company’s particular needs.

Coordinate Opening Bank Accounts in Mexico

When starting operations in a different country it is indispensable to have a bank account in order to carry out transactions, we help companies to coordinate opening and handling their bank accounts in Mexico.

Security Procedures for Data Safekeeping

We strive to make sure that your information is kept safely in our server and adapt safety measures for the handling of your information.

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