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Your employee’s relocation process generates work and personal difficulties affecting not only the employee but also the Human Resources area.

Payroll Plus offers a “Soft Landing” package that adapts to your needs since we have specialized support services in lodging, moving services, furniture rental, tax implications for expatriates and even support for your pets.

We have bilingual personnel to ensure optimal communication.

We can offer you the comfort you and your employee need in this new stage.

Payroll Plus Modules

Payroll Plus is up to date with a group of systems designed to optimize your business’ Human Resources processes thanks to a completely web based solution.

Payroll Plus Modules cover four main areas:

  • Payroll: You can have control of your payment processes and obligations’ compliance.
  • Time and assistance: In this module you can generate the pre-payroll automatically.
  • Personnel administration: Find your personnel’s information, in detail and when you need it.
  • Kiosko: Your company and employees can see their information or manage processes anywhere.

Kronos Workforce Ready

Achieve business class capacity with this unique system that offers the partnership Kronos + Payroll Plus and get the perfect strategy to measure your personnel’s real attendance times.

In short, Kronos Workforce Ready is a system that offers:

  • Cloud based – Saas Solution
  • A completely integrated modular system for your employees’ registry
  • Real time information
  • Easy mobile access
  • PEPM

Payroll Plus + Kronos

Other Services

As a business owner you must know the procedures required by Mexican law to keep your employees up to date, that is why Payroll Plus MX advises you and helps you to be in good standing before the law, with services such as:

    • IMSS Consultation / Procedures with authorities / Answering Requirements
    • Audit of Processes by Period (Quarterly, biannual, Annual)
    • Social Security Plans / Tax Structure Review
    • Annual Statements Wage and Labor Risk
    • Compliance Review when you have Outsourcing.
    • Records with INFONACOT
    • A 10 Enterprise with Infonavit
    • Mirror Payroll Management (Expatriates)

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